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How To Care For Your Designer Bags

Diana Aldaoud

Posted on June 21 2019

We are sure you guys love your handbags as much as we do, unfortunately many don't really know how to care for them.  We have come up with a list to help, and allow your bags to have a long and beautiful lifespan by your side (literally!)

1. Know Your Material

Prior to being able to care for your bag, you need to figure out what material it is (leather, canvas, patent leather, etc) 
Each needs care that's specifically catered to it.

2. Interior Matters

One of the worst things we see at Fashion House when individuals decide to sell a beautiful designer bag is the bad condition of the interior. The resale value of a bag can be affected if the interior of the bag is stained or ruined.
The most common reasons for a ruined interior include lipstick, mascara, ink, and even perfume stains. Avoid ruining the interior of your bag with a cosmetic pouch that you can keep all your daily essentials in. Make sure its a bag that won't allow spillage to seep through.

3. Storage

Another common issue we see at Fashion House affecting bags is incorrect storage. Storing your bag the correct way can add years of enjoyment.
Start by cleaning the bag after each use, a light damp cloth should do the trick (depending on material like mentioned earlier).
When storing your designer bag stuffing is essential depending on the style. Tissue paper and/or bubble wrap are great affordable options. However if you don't care to buy something, cotton pillow cases, and tshirts you no longer use (the lazy person in me) can do the job. Make sure to fill the corners as they are the easiest to crease.
Some bags need to be laid flat like this Python Jimmy Choo Shoulder Bag. Also if the bag has a chain, placing it inside the bag avoids the leather being scratched.
Dust bags are a bag life saver. Make sure not to use plastic or vinly bags as they allow moisture to creep in and no one wants that. If your bag didn't come with a dust bag you can opt for a pillow case as an alternative. 

4. TLC

A little TLC time with your bags is a good thing. Buying the right leather conditioners and/or products for your bags will increase their lifespan. Never use household products on your bags, and always test out a tiny conspicuous  area before attempting the whole bag.

5. Change It Up

Sometimes we get into the habit of carrying that one bag, just for ease and convenience. We recommend switching up your bags often to minimize wear and tear on them and give them a longer life span.



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