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Arab Bloggers That Love Vintage Luxury

Diana Aldaoud

Posted on January 11 2019

Around the globe, smart fashion has become an interest of many for more than one reason. Vintage luxury has increased in popularity globaly. Celebrities have always loved to enjoy their luxury lifestyle with extravagant trips, elegant clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories.

Scoring a vintage Chanel, Fendi, or Dior has now become the thing for all. The best part is that it's also attainable to the general public from price to availability in consignment and thrift stores around the world. Some of our favorite bloggers are also making their vintage statements and have been for a while.

In the Arab world, many bloggers have shown that they have great taste by the type of lifestyle they live. These bloggers have shown outstanding taste by the type of luxury items they possess both new and vintage.

1. Hannah Rasekh - @hannah_rasekh

Hannah is one of Dubai’s biggest fashion influencers. She has an enviable sense of style, which is always sleek, and chic. Her knack for blending high-end and high street fashion is absolutely amazing to see. She makes us want to go through our closet every time she posts a picture on instagram to see how we can attain such effortless chicness. 

Above, she looks as stunning as ever as she rocks her vintage Chanel bag, one of the many in her vintage bag collection (which would love to have a peek at).

2. Muna Khalaf - @munakhalaf_

Muna is a rising star. Stylist and blogger with a fresh and funky eye for fashion. We love that she mixes high and low fashion, and has a love we share for vintage bags, and currently neon green.

Seen here in her element of street style and a vntage Fendi Zucca Bag scream ultimate coolness. We all need to channel our inner Muna, and step out of fashion comfort zone and experiment.

3. Anum Bashir - @desertmennequin


Based in Doha, her love for fashion is translated so clearly through her media accounts. Her high-spiritedness is seen in her style, which is funky, colorful, and sophisticated.

We are obssessed with her vintage Fendi bag. Makes us was to bask in the sun right next to it, and she's totally on point. Old is Gold!

4. Nadya Hassan - @thefierce_nay

 A UAE fashion and travel blogger. Her love of life and people reflects clearly in her style. She has the ability to make every outfit look comfortable, and attainable. She is unpredictable in her style, which keeps everything looking fresh. We are dying right now for this vintage Chanel velvet handle bag. 

5. Jess Narjess - @jessnarjess

We fell in love with Jess a Tunisian based blogger the moment we were introduced to her instagram account. Her elegant and fun style was one that was unique and grabbed our attention immediately. Her love for vintage and statement pieces just drew us in a little more, especially when we saw this vintage mini Gucci bag.  

So if you havn't already  on the vintage luxury wagon, hop on! First stop, Fashion House Amman.

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