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All about dresses: Finding your perfect fit.

Lujain Samhan

Posted on June 24 2019

Ok ladies, we know dress shopping is no easy task, and it only makes it harder if you're not really sure what looks good on you (something we all struggle with).
The easiest way to get over this obstacle is figuring out your body shape and know the silhouettes that flatter it the most.
We have come up with this guide to make dress shopping for party season just a little bit easier.
We know not all body shapes fit these five "basic" shapes, but try and see what shape you are closest to. You're all beautiful!


The Hourglass 

This shape tends to have the silhouette of a... hourglass (duh). It means that your chest and hips are approximately the same width, while your waist is smaller.

We say: "If you got it, flaunt it!!"

When you hour glass beauties are picking out your dress it should optimally follow the outline of your curves to extenuate and hug your curves. When doing so, it shoes off that small waist of yours.


Some famous hourglass beauties we are currently loving.


Queen Bey!!


In house picks just for you!

Ted Baker
Size 0
99 JOD
Tyla Blade
Size 6
77 JOD 
Size 10
45 JOD

 - The Pear

With the pear shaped bodies, your top half of your body tends to be smaller than your lower half. 


Belted dresses are definitely your best friend. Also, keep in mind that wrap dresses are remarkably versatile, making them a highly favorable choice as well.

Some famous pear shaped beauties we love!

Miss RiRi

Kim Kardashian

Cardi B


Fashion house picks just for you:

La Femme
Size US 10

Carmen Marc Valvo Pink Dress
Size US 6

Calvin Klein
Size US 8

- The Rectangle 

This body type usually have both shoulders, hips, and bust the same width. Your main focus should be on dresses that enhances your legs and try and make your waist look smaller to give a little shape to your body.

Here are some Rectangle shaped celebs!

Cara Delevingne

Kate Middleton

Amy Schumer

Opt for a sleek look rather than a ruffled or layered dress. This will flatter your body and leave you looking spectacular.

Fashion house picks for you:

Grand Labels Sequin Dress
Size 6
76 JOD
Badgeley Mischka Navy gown
Size US 6

Size 4
219 JOD

- The Apple

Most apple shaped women have large chests but there are some apple shaped women with small breasts and high waists which can blend in with the pear shape.

You want to opt for dresses with a higher waist line, and or empire dresses. You can also choose peplum dress that will enhance the curves that you already have.


Some Apple Beauties

Ashley Graham

Rebel Wilson

Queen Latifah


Fashion house picks for you:

Isabel Garcia
Size 12
87 JOD
Adriana Papell
Size 16
70 JOD
L.K. Bennett
SIze 12
35 JOD

-The Inverted Triangle 

With this shape you usually have a upper body and shoulders that are wider than your hips, and waist. 

When shopping opt for dresses with an A-line silhouette, to even out the shape.  Make sure your dresses fit your shoulders well. Halter tops are also great for as they create a softer look.


Celebrities we love:

Cindy Crawford

Victoria Beckham

Eva Longoria



Fashion house picks for you:
Elisabetta Franchi
Size US 6
57 JOD
US 8
Size US 10

All in all, you should always dress in what you love and are comfortable in. Choose whatever makes you feel your best, and you’ll be glowing like the sun in a clear summer sky. 

And Don’t forget to have fun with it!

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