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4 tips to give your bag a longer life!

Diana Aldaoud

Posted on April 05 2020

When caring for your leather bag, the most important step is prevention. In fact paying close attention to how you treat your bag early on its life will determine how long it will last, and how the condition is maintained.

Clean and protect your bags regularly, even if you have them put away and stored. Taking your bags out occasionally and giving them some TLC will ensure an increase their life span.

Protect Your Bag

Protecting the inside of your bag is just as important as protecting the outside. At the most basic level carry a makeup bag. If you happen to have a pen, make sure it has a lid (the ones that snap are even safer). Make up stains and pen marking are some of the most difficult stains to remove from fabric. 

sephora make up bag

I use this super cute Sephora one that I got as part of a gift


How often should you be cleaning your bag?

Answering this question really depends on your usage of the bag. If its a bag thats used  daily, we suggest wiping it down every 2 to 3 months. However if its a bag thats put away or used on the weekend, then we suggest every 4 to 6 months.


Condition, condition, condition

Leather used for our bags needs to be conditioned and moistened regularly. Just like our skin cracks when it gets dry, the same its true for leather. Regularly conditioning a bag will make sure it keeps its soft feel, a beautiful shine, and ensures a longer life. Conditioning also protects the bag from color transfer, and minor stains if used correctly.

Note: Always test a hidden spot before continuing to do the entire bag.

We Recommend

cadillac leather lotion


Care for it

A lot of times going out, I see women putting their bags on the floor. It makes me cringe for two reasons. Firstly, my grandmother used to say to me if you put your bag on the floor, then thats where your money will go, and secondly the floor is dirty (obviosuly)! Pay special attention to where you place your bags. An easy solution is investing in a bag hook like the one below, or moving over and giving your bag a little space to sit next to you.



bag hook




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